Starting From Nowhere is the name of the debut album from Heidecker & Wood, aka Tim Heidecker of weirdo Adult Swim comedy show "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" and Davin Wood, who composes music for "Tim and Eric"... read more
Hot on the heels of's announcement that Jenny Lewis was planning her second solo effort, Rilo Kiley bassist Pierre de Reeder has announced his own intentions to drop The Way That it Was on Aug. 12 through Little Record Company... read more

“The Long Conversation”, off of his debut LP The Way That it Was (out on 8/12), is a beautiful acoustic guitar piece in the vein of the late, great Elliott Smith, with Pierre’s soft voice soaring above the gentle strumming... read more

Hero Hill
I'm not sure if I can remember too many bands that consistently deliver better output as individuals than they do together, but Rilo Kiley is starting to fit the mold... read more